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29 March 1990
I am a teenage girl on 16 and I attend 10th. grade in Denmark. My best friend is, even though I sometimes hate her as much as those little noizy children at the supermarket, Ana and I don't think I could get by without her and her presence in my life. I work at the library putting lend books back on place and I am totally addicted to books. I can easily fill two bags just with books and have them all read by the next day! I love my dog and since I am a only child I always love meeting new people because being on your own at the house can get pretty lonely sometimes.
I enjoy listening to music (I don't play any instruments even though I like the guitar), it's great therapy, watching tv and movies. The cinema isn't a thrill, just look at those tempting poppers! Very short describtion but you'll get to know me when we talk at the community.

You're more than welcome to contact me, that's one of the reasons I'm here. We're all in this together so let's support each other.